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Our team was in Chicago for ATMOsphere America 2016, bringing you the latest news on natural refrigerants. Read on to hear about market trends, policy developments and exciting new technology applications in North America.

HVAC&R professionals from across the United States and beyond are gathering in Chicago this week (April 16-17) to discuss new developments in the natural refrigerants market. Our reporters are on site to ensure that you don't miss a thing!

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Please find links to all our ATMOsphere America articles below:

Embraco sees US hydrocarbon market growing

Speaking to at the ATMOsphere America conference in Chicago, Brazilian compressor manufacturer Embraco is optimistic about the growth potential for hydrocarbon refrigeration technology in the United States, with regulation set to play a key role in creating positive momentum.

CARB gearing up to disburse refrigerant incentives
California is heading toward establishing regulations on HFC emissions that may include setting a limit of 150 for the global warming potential of new refrigeration equipment.

Utlilities put incentive money on the table
In the United States, utilities budgeted about $6 billion to promote energy efficiency through incentives in 2013.

US, Canadian retailers put their faith in natural refrigerants
Major food retailers like Piggly Wiggly, Sobeys and Roundy’s are harnessing natural refrigerant technologies to deliver energy savings at stores across North America, heard participants in the ATMOsphere America conference in Chicago earlier this month.

NH3, propane join CO2 in North American stores
While CO2 transcritical refrigeration systems are slowly being adopted in the U.S. food retail industry, two other natural refrigerants – ammonia and propane – are also beginning to attract interest among food retailers.

Bright future for natural refrigerants foreseen at ATMOsphere America
Leading HVAC&R experts and high-profile end users gathered in Chicago last week for ATMOsphere America foresee a bright future for natural refrigerant applications in the United States. While many speakers hailed increased uptake of CO2, others were upbeat about the prospects for hydrocarbons and low-charge ammonia.

New policy developments pushing natural refrigerants at ATMOsphere America
Participants attending ATMOsphere America in Chicago last week heard from U.S., Canadian and Mexican government representatives how progressive new policies are helping to widen the uptake of natural refrigerant-based HVAC&R solutions in North America and beyond.

Coca-Cola to allow hydrocarbons in smaller cooler equipment
After establishing that carbon dioxide would be its standard refrigerant for new beverage coolers, vending machines and fountain equipment, the Coca-Cola Company “will open the door” to hydrocarbon refrigerants for smaller cooler equipment, said Antoine Azar, the company’s global programme director.

shecco presents Accelerate America awards to Sobeys, Red Bull, Campbell Soup, True and Carnot
shecco announced the winners of its first annual Accelerate America Awards today at the biggest ever ATMOsphere America conference, taking place at the Westin Michigan Avenue in Chicago on June 16-17.

Exciting times ahead for natural refrigerants at ATMOsphere America
Participants gathered in Chicago for the biggest ever ATMOsphere America are hearing how competition between CO2, hydrocarbons and ammonia is creating exciting new opportunities and driving increased uptake of natural refrigerant-based technologies in the United States.

Emerson to showcase new CO2 info tool at ATMO America
The new online tool will help customers evaluate CO2 components and compatible accessories for optimal system design when making the move to CO2 refrigeration systems.

Italy's Blupura eyeing US growth ahead of ATMOsphere America
Italian water vending machine and water cooler manufacturer Blupura is putting natural refrigerants at the heart of its business model and eyeing growth in the US market.

ATMOsphere America to showcase leading end users’ adoption of natural refrigerant systems
The ATMOsphere America conference in Chicago will feature end user panel discussions addressing the latest implementation of natural refrigerant systems by some of the leading food retailers and industrial refrigeration operators in North America.

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Jun 28, 2016, 07:52

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