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01057 Mixco, Guatemala
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FOGEL has been manufacturing commercial refrigerators for the Point of Purchase in Latin America with more than 40 years of experience. With two plants operating in Guatemala and Colombia, FOGEL supplies fridges to customers in 50 countries with a comprehensive product range, employing professional logistics, marketing and service support throughout the markets in which it operates.

The combined capacity of the two factories is 144,000 coolers per year, having a total manufacturing space of 52,000 m2 and 1,100+ employees.

FOGEL understands that its customers are constantly demanding better value, moving towards lower energy consumption coolers and greener equipment, as well as exploring innovative new concepts for marketing their products.

In 2009, after months of development Fogel released its first hydrocarbon fridge, model HC-12, which became the first glass door cold merchandiser of its kind in the world to have obtained U.L. safety certification. As of 2012, FOGEL has developed 10+ models using R 290 hydrocarbon refrigerant gas, including subzero FROSTER® units for beer, and more models are on the way.

For its newest hydrocarbon fridges, Fogel employs a “Deck” type system to make service safe and easy. These coolers feature an all-in-one integrated refrigeration system known as the MODULAR DECK, which contains all of the condensing unit and evaporator components in one single module. In less than 2 minutes, the entire refrigeration deck can be replaced at the point of sale with no need to remove the cooler.

The compact deck module is intended to be transported to service centers where only qualified hydrocarbon specialists are to make any necessary repairs, eliminating the need of transporting hydrocarbon tanks from one location to another. In terms of safety, the DECK system is the ideal solution for hydrocarbon coolers. 

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System | 27 June 2012

For beverages. The innovative HC-12 uses hydrocarbon R-290 as the refrigerant, which has no global warming potential (GWP) and is the first of its kind in the world with U.L. and NSF approval, in compliance with all safety and sanitation norms. Moreover, the HC-12 is a...

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New regulations inspire hydrocarbon displays at U.S. NAFE...

New regulations inspire hydrocarbon displays at U.S. NAFE...

24 February 2015
With the Department of Energy’s 2017 energy requirements a done deal, and the Environmental Protection Agency’s ruling on delisted HFCs (such as R134a) expected this summer, component makers, OEMs and end ...
Best of 2014 - Most Popular news on

Best of 2014 - Most Popular news on

18 December 2014 recaps the most popular news for 2014. Overall, its been a big year for the hydrocarbon market, with legislative changes in the US lifting the venting prohibition for SNAP approved hydrocarbons, the...
A greener future is brewing: SABMiller plans to phase out...

A greener future is brewing: SABMiller plans to phase out...

29 July 2014
In an effort to halve its carbon footprint, the world’s second largest brewing company, SABMiller has vowed to cease purchases of HFC fridges after 2020. The brewing company has already launched several initiati...
HCs gaining market prominence in US – view from The...

HCs gaining market prominence in US – view from The...

25 February 2013
In this second article on latest hydrocarbon product developments seen at the North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers (NAFEM) Show, 19-21 Feb, California, USA, reports on FOGEL&rs...
FOGEL DECK models with R 290 hydrocarbon refrigerant

FOGEL DECK models with R 290 hydrocarbon refrigerant

10 July 2012
The Central American group FOGEL has more than 40 years experience of manufacturing commercial refrigerators in Latin America. With two plants currently operating in Guatemala and Colombia, FOGEL supplies fridges to c...

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Federico Barquero T.
Vice President of Commercialization at FOGEL

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Product catalogue: Froster line by Fogel

FOGEL is the pioneer in the design of the revolutionary FROSTER® line of Commercial Refrigerators, which is the original subzero product line for bottled beer. The design´s main objective is to increase return on investment in cooli...
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Data Sheet: Refrigerators with R290 refrigerant

Fogel's range of fridges and frosters using R290 (propane) refrigerant gas.
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Flyer: Innovations to mitigate global warming

R290 hydrocarbon refrigerant gas, which has negligent global warming potential (GWP) and is safer for the environment, offers an environmentally-friendly solution to refrigeration. 
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