AHT UK launches propane cabinets

By Sabine Lobnig, Apr 27, 2009, 18:30 1 minute reading

AHT Cooling Systems UK has introduced its new Scanfrost-branded SMD Multidecks using the ozone and climate friendly hydrocarbon refrigerant R290 (propane). Factory testing has shown that the use of this product reduces electricity costs of the refrigeration unit by up to 35%, as well as heat output by 70%.

End of last week, AHT Cooling Systems UK launched its new R290 (propane) Multidecks. The Scanfrost-branded SMD Multidecks are open-fronted display chillers for merchandising snack foods, soft drinks and dairy products. They are charged with hydrocarbon refrigerant R290 which has no effect on the ozone layer or on global warming.

The cabinet’s specifications and performance

The dimensions of the cabinet range from a smaller model at 680w x 800d x 1950h to the largest model at 1900w x 800d x 1950h.

An additional two-fold benefit accrues from the fact that the cabinets are designed to meet the guidelines provided by the British and European standard BS EN 60335, which limits the amount of refrigerant per condensing unit to 150 grams of hydrocarbon refrigerant: lower running costs and lower in-store temperatures. More specifically, according to company’s press release, the introduction of the new propane Multidecks gives retailers the chance to reduce their refrigeration unit electricity costs by up to 35%, as well as achieve a 70% reduction in heat output that significantly impacts ambient in store temperatures. This reduction in sensible heat output ensures lower temperatures overnight, as well as a pleasant store environment during the day.

About AHT Cooling Systems UK

AHT Cooling Systems (UK) Ltd is one of the UK’s largest wholesalers of commercial refrigeration products, offering a broad range of freezing and cooling solutions for the ice cream, frozen food, soft drinks and beverage markets. AHT UK is a supplier to supermarkets such as Tesco and Waitrose, and to brands such as Coke, Pepsi and Haagen Dazs.

Its portfolio includes chilled displays, frozen displays, remote chilled & frozen displays, stainless steel catering, chilled & frozen storage, cold rooms, ice makers, medical cabinets, branded goods displays by manufacturers such as AHT,Caravell, Friulinox, Framec and Koxka.


By Sabine Lobnig

Apr 27, 2009, 18:30

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