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HCs gaining market prominence in US – view from The NAFEM Show - Part 2

25 February 2013

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In this second article on latest hydrocarbon product developments seen at the North American Association of Food Equipment Manufacturers (NAFEM) Show, 19-21 Feb, California, USA, reports on FOGEL’s R290 visual merchandisers with easily replaceable ‘propane deck’, and Carel’s refrigeration controls for food service equipment. + VIDEO (+ PHOTOS see part 1 of the article)
FOGEL’s R290 visual merchandiser deck can be replaced in under two minutes
At the FOGEL booth interviewed Federico Barquero Tefel, Vice President of Commercialization, FOGEL group, about their DECK-12-HC visual merchandiser, the first of its kind with UL and NSF approval. One of the merchandiser’s key innovations is the ease with which the ‘propane deck’ can be replaced, without the need to either unplug or unload the merchandiser. 
Other features of the DECK-12-HC include:
  • Capacity: 12 Cubic feet (339l)
  • 20 Oz (590 ml) Pet bottles: 168
  • 12 Oz Cans (355 ml): 336
  • Compressor: ¼ HP
  • Amps: 3.3
  • Temperature Range: 32°F – 39°F (0°C - 3.9°C)
  • Voltage: 114V/60Hz/1
  • Refrigerant: 129g propane

FOGEL’s visual merchandisers use energy saving electric motor fans with and integrated electronic control that can reduce energy consumption by 22%. Voltage regulators are also available for most FOGEL equipment. Other special features include:
  • Heavy duty organiser shelves with sliding tracks and price tag holders
  • Electrical door-lock with remote control switch
  • Manual door-lock system
  • Heavy Duty casters
Optional product features on the DECK Line, and X-ECO Line include:
  • Energy saving electronic control: allows 3 temperature ranges to be selected and an ECO button that enables an energy saving mode to be selected. This can save up to 40% in energy consumption 
  • Low maintenance condensers: without aluminium fins mean less dirt and dust are accumulated, allowing the free circulation of air. 
  • LED illumination: LED illumination can save p to 4% in energy consumption
At the CAREL booth Mike Carmen, National Sales Manager with CAREL North America spoke to about their digital controls for hydrocarbon-cooled equipment. 
In addition to the energy efficieny that we provide with our conrtols, we have also done extensive research in the development of using our controls with natural refrigerants... Today we have products that can be usedin the propane environment without any problems."

The NAFEM Show attracts approximately 20,000 foodservice professionals and 500 exhibitors.

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