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is the industry platform for hydrocarbon
cooling and heating experts worldwide.

About aims to support the worldwide use of hydrocarbon refrigerants in cooling, refrigeration, and heating. It is more than a platform to advertise Hydrocarbons (HC) technology. Rather it is an interactive tool that will help you stay connected with the global HC community and be informed about latest developments regarding the use of hydrocarbons as natural refrigerants, including propane, isobutane, propylene and others.

What can I find on

The website keeps you abreast of all developments in hydrocarbon refrigeration technologies in a user-friendly way. It provides:

  • News: A daily update on recent developments affecting the use of HCs worldwide.
  • Products & Services: A database of refrigerants, components, systems & engineering services providers in the field of hydrocarbon refrigeration, heating & cooling.
  • Papers: The first online collection of papers, studies, presentations, standards and articles dedicated exclusively to hydrocarbon refrigerants.
  • Events: A list of conferences, meetings, and trade fairs of relevance for the HC refrigeration industry.
  • Company directory: A comprehensive listing of key actors in the hydrocarbon refrigeration sector.
  • Interactive online community: The first dedicated online community for the hydrocarbons industry to find business and project partners, share best practices, discuss technical issues and exchange ideas about the use of HCs, and gateway to the global natural refrigerants commun ity.
  • Jobs platform: Connect with employers and qualified staff active in hydrocarbon technologies.

Who should use it?

  • Engineers from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and system / components suppliers developing hydrocarbon systems
  • Retailers or End Users that are looking for sustainable refrigeration systems
  • Public Authorities worldwide
  • Media and NGOs following climate change and environmental technologies, as well as
  • Anyone with an interest in environmentally safe heating, cooling and refrigeration systems for industrial, commercial, and residential applications

What does stand for? is part of shecco's new "21" series promoting sustainable technologies. The number "21" stands for coming of age, adulthood, maturity - just as hydrocarbon technology is a technically mature alternative ready to replace many more harmful F-gases worldwide.

What's more, "21" also symbolises the challenges, but also opportunities, mankind will face in the 21st century. Hydrocarbons as a climate-friendly refrigerant will contribute its share so that today's and future generations can make the 21st century a century of sustainability.

The website's tagline - "Everything Natural" - reflects hydrocarbons' main benefits: a natural and efficient solution able to replace chemical alternatives with unknown impacts on the environment and human health.

Where are we today?

Since its launch in 2009, over 18 companies and research institutes have joined as Partners (as of March 2012). Pioneers in hydrocarbon technology, they are actively involved in the development of this collaborative platform. More partners are welcome to join!

From April 2012 on, the community furthermore serves as gateway to the first global online natural refrigerant community, bringing experts in hydrocarbons, CO2 and ammonia technologies together in the effort to bring natural refrigerants faster to market.

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