DELTA Compressors for R600a (Isobutane)

The DELTA hermetic compressor series is essential to every domestic refrigerator. Its capacity surpasses the currently best energy level, which leads to an A+++ categorization. Weighing under 4 kg, the DELTA compressor’s advantageous design leads to optimal efficiency, low mechanical friction loss, and greater thermodynamic process control.

The ultra-compact size of the DELTA compressor reduces shipping and storage cost with more than 50%. Furthermore, the DELTA compressor’s all in one concept comes with accessories already preassembled and advanced interfaces, leading to significant improvement for reliability and noticeable reduction in complexity (see film below).

With the DELTA series Secop takes the lead in manufacturing hermetic refrigeration compressors. Its sleek design coupled with innovative engineering exemplifies a new system approach and a new standard for energy savings and cost efficiency.

The new DELTA HXD-MA types cover the LBP/MBP application range and are the ideal choice light commercial applications like counter top bottle or promotion barrel coolers, etc.

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