KAPPA Compressors for R600a (Isobutane)

The KAPPA series is one of Secop’s core product families in the household market. Specifically tailored for household appliance needs, the different KAPPA compressors continue to set new and improved standards within the industry.

Recognized for outstanding energy efficiency levels, low noise, strong reliability and a competitive cost structure, KAPPA ensures a unique combination of short-term savings, fast-moving production and long-term sustainability.

The key to the success of the KAPPA series is the result of deep integration and an ongoing close knowledge sharing with customers, suppliers and R&D partners. This set-up is what makes KAPPA take up such an innovative position in the refrigeration business and it is the reason why it keeps on shaping the future of household compressors and the household market in general.

Made in AustriaSecop Austria is the specialist for cooling compressors in the household refrigeration business. As a reliable partner we are aware of market trends and market requirements to exactly meet our customers needs. Our focus is to develop and enhance advanced compressors technologies with emphasis on the market segment with an extremely low rate of energy consumption.

Our Austrian site produces our DELTA and KAPPA compressors (ALPHA until 07/2015) with highest quality standards, flexible delivery times and highest productivity.

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