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And its target was global drinks giant Coca-Cola.<br /> <br /> Coca-Cola subsequently joined with Unilever and McDonald&rsquo;s to form theRefrigerants Naturally! partnership. Created in 2004, the business-led coalition has two founding aims: to promote the sale of refrigeration units free of fluorinated gases (&ldquo;F gas free&rdquo;); and, to push for a regulatory framework that encourages climate-friendly alternatives.<br /> <br /> &ldquo;The idea of doing this together rather than separately is mostly to provide an example of what is possible,&rdquo; says Antoine Azar, chair of Refrigerants Naturally!. State-of-the-art refrigeration skills training on offer http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/news/view/5805 http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/news/view/5805 2014-10-22 15:20:34 article SOUTH Eastern Regional College (SERC) is offering air conditioning and refrigeration training for SMAs wanting to reduce carbon emissions. Thanks to funding from the Department for Employment and Learning's Skills Solution Customised Training programme, Belfast based company Montgomery Refrigeration Ltd has already up-skilled over 20 refrigeration engineers. <br /> <br /> They trained in specialist hydrocarbon (HC) refrigerant to ensure they have the expert skills and know-how to safely operate and service modern day refrigeration equipment which, the company believes, will help save money and increase its competitive advantage.<br /> Montgomery Refrigeration service manager, Calvin Irvine said: &quot;We have reaped enormous benefits through our 20- year partnership with SERC.&rdquo; The engineers are now fully equipped with the necessary skills, knowledge and legislative qualifications necessary to carry out their job. <br /> &quot;We are confident the course will have a direct impact on the productivity and competitive-ness of the company. &quot;With hydrocarbon refrigerants emerging as the refrigerant of the future due to its high energy efficiency properties, training is essential to keep up with new regulations and emerging technologies. ATMOsphere America 2015 http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/events/view/762 http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/events/view/762 2014-10-22 00:00:00 event Through its proven formula of end user and regulatory panels, market trends and technology case study presentations, workshops, networking opportunities and more, ATMOsphere America 2015 will again serve as the forum for discussions about the business case for natural refrigerants in North America, South America and Canada. The event will be even bigger, targeting between 300-350 industry stakeholders including leading retailers and consumer goods brands, suppliers, government representatives, associations, and more. Site visits and training sessions will take place on the days before and after the event. Hydrocarbon refrigerant solutions shine at Chillventa 2014 &ndash; Part 1 http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/news/view/5798 http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/news/view/5798 2014-10-21 17:57:12 article Chillventa 2014, the leading international trade fair for the HVAC&amp;R industry, which took place from 14-16 October in Nuremberg, Germany, brought together more than 30,000 visitors and 984 exhibitors representing over 110 countries. hydrocarbons21.com journalists attended the event to find out about the latest hydrocarbon products and innovations, and in part one of the reporting look at the R600a and R290 product offering from GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE partners. <span style="color: rgb(255, 0, 0);">+ PHOTOS</span> Secop: Chillventa 2014 Flashback http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/news/view/5794 http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/news/view/5794 2014-10-21 09:50:59 article Secop would like to thank all visitors for their interest in our products. You made our first participation a huge success. We experienced a lot of interest from all over the world as Chillventa is one of the most internationally recognized fairs of the refrigeration industry. It was also exiting to see what the trends will be in the near future. All competitors showed their latest developments for the rising demand of R290 Compressors to meet European F-Gas regulation, which will ban R404A and R134a.<br /> <br /> The Secop booth featured a selection of commercial refrigeration relevant products as well as an ice-cream cabinet powered by the newest R290 DLE compressor to serve crafted mango (yellow) and chocolate (black) ice-cream from a famous ice-cream parlor in Nuremberg. We also had an airbrush artist as the highlight life act on the booth to paint caps, t-shirt and bags individually for our clients and visitors. <br /> <br /> We are looking forward to welcome you at the next Chillventa in 2016. Don&rsquo;t miss other venues with Secop&rsquo;s participation, like the <b>China Refrigeration in Shanghai/China from April 8-10, 2015</b>.&nbsp;<span style="color: rgb(255, 0, 0); ">+&nbsp;</span><span style="color: rgb(255, 0, 0); ">PHOTOS</span><br /> <br type="_moz" /> <br /> Environmentally friendly chillers can future-proof refrigeration for food storage http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/news/view/5793 http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/news/view/5793 2014-10-20 15:27:19 article Adcock Refrigeration and Air Conditioning has introduced a range of totally environmentally friendly chillers that use totally natural refrigerants.<br /> <br /> Offering extremely low global warming potential and significant reductions in energy consumption, hydrocarbon chillers will provide a future-proof solution to a wide range of industries including food production, pharmaceutical, retail refrigeration, distribution and process cooling. In addition the technology can offer the same long term benefits to any commercial air conditioning environment. Chillventa 2014 sets new records http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/news/view/5788 http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/news/view/5788 2014-10-17 11:36:12 article Chillventa continues to set records and has improved all its exhibition parameters. &ldquo;For the first time Chillventa has topped 30,000 trade visitors, an increase of 7 % compared with the exhibition in 2012, and attracted 984 exhibitors &ndash; 70 more than two years ago. These figures show the great commitment and confidence of Chillventa&rsquo;s visitors and exhibitors. It is the key gathering of the national and international market players in the refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation and heat pump segments,&rdquo; says Richard Krowoza, Member of the Management Board at N&uuml;rnbergMesse. The large international involvement at Chillventa was again particularly impressive. 56 % of the visitors and 67 % of the exhibitors come from abroad. More than 30,000 visitors represent over 110 countries throughout the world.<br /> <br /> The next Chillventa takes place in the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg from 11&ndash;13 October 2016. GL 2014: How to assess risks when employing flammable hydrocarbon refrigerants? http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/news/view/5786 http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/news/view/5786 2014-10-17 11:16:46 article The September Gustav Lorentzen 2014 Conference served once again as a meeting place for key HVAC&amp;R stakeholders, industry leaders, organisations and academics to present latest research on natural refrigerants. hydrocarbons.21 highlights two presentations by Daniel Colbourne from Re-phridge centred on safety requirements and flammability risk assessment when employing hydrocarbon refrigerants. New report from EIA shows the use of natural refrigerants in supermarkets is on the up, and it&rsquo;s not all about CO2 http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/news/view/5780 http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/news/view/5780 2014-10-16 10:51:10 article The Environmental Investigation Agency&rsquo;s (EIA) new report, The Chilling Facts VI, proclaims that the adoption of climate-friendly refrigeration by supermarkets is growing faster and dispersing further than ever before. They expect this trend to continue as new regulations have been put in place to curb the use of HFCs. 2014&rsquo;s Green Cooling Leaders include newcomers Carrefour and South African retailers Makro and Woolworths, whilst those keeping the title from last year are Coop Schweiz, Aldi S&uuml;d, Migros, The Co-operative, Tesco and Waitrose. &nbsp; EIA Chilling Facts VI http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/knowledge/view/1675 http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/knowledge/view/1675 2014-10-16 00:00:00 paper The Environmental Investigation Agency&rsquo;s (EIA) new report, The Chilling Facts VI, proclaims that the adoption of climate-friendly refrigeration by supermarkets is growing faster and dispersing further than ever before. They expect this trend to continue as new regulations have been put in place to curb the use of HFCs. 2014&rsquo;s Green Cooling Leaders include newcomers Carrefour and South African retailers Makro and Woolworths, whilst those keeping the title from last year are Coop Schweiz, Aldi Su&#776;d, Migros, The Co-operative, Tesco and Waitrose. &nbsp; Rwanda On Right Path in Protection of Ozone Layer http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/news/view/5773 http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/news/view/5773 2014-10-14 10:50:10 article <div>The ozone layer, a fragile shield of gas, protects the earth from the harmful portion of the sun rays, thus helping preserve life on the planet. Ozone layer destruction can lead to skin cancer, eye cataract, weakening body immunity, reduction of marine ecosystems and climate change due to global warming, among others.</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>Thus, it is recommended to avoid all actions that contribute to the ozone layer depletion, specifically stop using substances in the chemical family of chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs &amp;HCFCs) which are mainly used in air conditioners, cold rooms, refrigerators and mattress fabrication.</div> CIAR 2015 http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/events/view/761 http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/events/view/761 2014-10-14 00:00:00 event The CIAR 2015 (Congreso Iberoamericano de Aire Acondicionado y refrigeracion) is aimed specifically at the Latin American countries, constituting the exchange of knowledge in the fields of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration in the Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula. The conference will showcase the latest developments in products and services in the following areas of interest:<br /> <br /> <ul> <li>Domestic, commercial and industrial cooling</li> <li>Air conditioning and heating</li> <li>Commercial and industrial ventilation</li> <li>Air quality</li> <li>Distric Heating and Cooling systems</li> <li>Refrigerant transition and alternatives</li> </ul> and more<br /> <br /> Official languages: Spanish and Portuguese&nbsp;<br type="_moz" /> Meet the team behind R744.com, ammonia21.com, hydrocarbons21.com and R718.com at Chillventa 2014 http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/news/view/5768 http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/news/view/5768 2014-10-10 17:21:11 article Chillventa 2014, the leading international trade fair for refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation and heat pumps is just around the corner. From 14-16 October, market development company shecco will join over 1000 exhibitors in N&uuml;remberg, Germany to showcase its natural refrigerant expertise, including online industry platforms R744.com, ammonia21.com, hydrocarbons21.com, and R718.com, GUIDE publications, business development services and ATMOsphere events. Emerson Climate Technologies http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/companies/view/Emerson_climate_technologies_hydrocarbons http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/companies/view/Emerson_climate_technologies_hydrocarbons 2014-10-10 00:00:00 company Emerson Climate Technologies is a leading global provider of heating, ventilation, air conditioning, and refrigeration solutions for residential, industrial, and commercial applications. The company combines technically advanced products from its industry-leading divisions and brands including Dixell, Copeland Scroll, and Vilter, with its global engineering, design, distribution, installation services. Emerson Climate Technologies aims to create energy efficient climate systems that improve human comfort, safeguard food, and protect the environment. <br /> <br /> Emerson (NYSE: EMR) is comprised of five business segments: Process Management, Industrial Automation, Network Power, Climate Technologies, and Commercial &amp; Residential Solutions. Headquartered in Missouri, USA, the company's sales in fiscal 2013 were $24.7 billion. Emerson has approximately 132,000 employees and 230 manufacturing locations worldwide.<br /> <br /> <b>Dixell</b><br /> <br /> Dixell Company located in Pieve d'Alpago, Belluno (ITALY), is a part of Emerson Climate Technologies. This dynamic company has positioned itself among world leaders of electronic regulation and control in refrigeration, air conditioning and catering fields thanks to a complete range composed of parametric &amp; programmable digital controllers and controlling &amp; supervising systems. Dixell pays particular attention to the respect of the environment and is constantly looking for new solutions in accordance with this philosophy.<br type="_moz" /> <br /> RAC Cooling Industry Awards 2014: hydrocarbon solutions win on the big night http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/news/view/5764 http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/news/view/5764 2014-10-09 11:05:28 article The prestigious RAC Cooling Industry Awards 2014, which took place on 24 September 2014 in London, recognised Adcocks Refrigeration and Air Conditioning with the &ldquo;Contractor of the Year&ldquo; award for its hydrocarbon chiller range, whilst Heineken took home &ldquo;End User of the Year&rdquo;. Arctic Circle was a finalist in the Environmental Collaboration of the Year category, recognised for their R290 chiller installation at the Fox Biscuits Uttoexter factory, and Adande Refrigeration was a finalist in the &ldquo;Refrigeration Innovation&rdquo; category, thanks to their hydrocarbon matchbox product. Clean India movement should also clean the air http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/news/view/5751 http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/news/view/5751 2014-10-06 11:10:29 article At WTO, India resisted the American pressure to amend Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA), only to protect the hundreds of millions of poor and hungry Indians. Now, India, through actions planned in partnership with the US, has unique opportunity to act on climate change and secure future of poor workers and farmers.<br /> <br /> Till now India, over the last 17 years has been resisting at international meetings to avail an important the opportunity to make its refrigeration and air conditioning industry move away from a refrigerant - hydrochloroflurocarbons (HFCs). Nearly 100 countries including the US and Japan and those in Europe have given their consent but India continues to block this agreement. Many countries are even advancing to implement it. In Europe, for example, a new law will phase down HFCs by 80 percent by 2030. In the US, President Barack Obama is also using his regulatory authority to shift away from HFCs - and is promising to do even more. 2015 AHR Expo-Mexico http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/events/view/759 http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/events/view/759 2014-10-06 00:00:00 event Taking place from 20-22 October 2015 in Guadalajara, Jalisco, the AHR Expo-Mexico will bring together over 350 exhibitors and 10,000 visitors, representing the entire spectrum of the industry including: HVACR manufacturers, engineers, contractors, OEMs, facility managers, and other professionals.&nbsp; Modi gets behind HFC crackdown at US-India meeting http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/news/view/5747 http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/news/view/5747 2014-10-03 14:14:10 article The Indian government is set to take on its chemicals industry after prime minister Narendra Modi agreed in Washington to back a global phase-down of HFCs. The country had previously resisted efforts to crack down on production of the short-lived but potent greenhouse gases, which are used in fridges and air conditioners. Following a meeting with US president Barack Obama, Modi agreed to urgently convene a joint taskforce to tackle the problem. Innovative solutions for high food safety standards and low GWP at Chillventa&nbsp; http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/news/view/5745 http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/news/view/5745 2014-10-03 10:50:08 article Among the many product news presented by Danfoss at Chillventa 2014 are new solutions for commercial refrigeration, a sector in constant growth and undergoing rapid changes in light of stricter regulations. As an industry leader in commercial refrigeration, Danfoss is at the forefront of technology for low GWP refrigerants, as several of this year's product news at Chillventa will demonstrate. For Danfoss, Chillventa 2014 will also be the world premiere of a new visual identity, and the visitors can look forward to a brand new booth design.&nbsp; UPDATE: Welcome to the GUIDE Chillventa 2014 &ndash; find everything natural refrigerant at the event http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/news/view/5634 http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/news/view/5634 2014-10-01 11:00:00 article Exhibiting companies at Chillventa 2014, the world's largest international trade fair for refrigeration, air-conditioning, ventilation and heat pumps, will present a variety of products suitable for the industry&rsquo;s broad-based spectrum. For the natural refrigerant sector, market development company shecco has launched a GUIDE to Chillventa 2014, to enable trade show visitors to best plan their attendance, and to guide traffic to the booths of natural refrigerant product and service providers. <span style="color: rgb(255, 0, 0);">UPDATE: Now available for download.</span>