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For more information, please visit <a href="http://www.green-cooling-initiative.org/" target="_blank">www.green-cooling-initiative.org</a> Galileo TP strengthens US operations with more HC charging system deliveries http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/news/view/5516 http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/news/view/5516 2014-07-24 15:44:48 article Italian based Galileo TP Process Equipment S.r.l. and its North America branch (GTP Inc.) have delivered the 12<sup>th</sup> hydrocarbon (HC) refrigerant charging system to the US for the domestic, commercial and medical refrigeration sectors. The company offers a complete range of HC equipment including: charging systems, complete safety management systems, ultrasonic welders, leak detection systems, evacuation systems and more. Exclusive! ATMOsphere Network Paris provides showcase for global natural refrigerant solutions and trends http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/news/view/5515 http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/news/view/5515 2014-07-24 15:07:44 article The ATMOsphere Network Paris held on 17 July in Paris as a side event to the Montreal Protocol meeting provided an update on the conversion of the Chinese room AC sector to hydrocarbons. In addition, market trends for natural refrigerants and examples of their use in commercial and industrial refrigeration, were highlighted by Mayekawa, Advansor, AHT and shecco. Global outrage as Australia cans carbon tax http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/news/view/5511 http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/news/view/5511 2014-07-24 10:44:05 article <div>Australia&rsquo;s senate has voted to ditch the country&rsquo;s carbon tax, leaving it without a clear strategy to reduce national greenhouse gas emissions.</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>The bill to repeal the key climate law was passed by 39 votes to 32, amid angry scenes in the upper chamber of parliament.</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>The removal of the tax, which priced carbon at $21.50 per tonne, isolates Australia at a time when global moves to address climate change are accelerating.</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>Countries are currently in advanced stages of talks at the UN to agree a deal to curb emissions and limit warming to below 2C above pre industrial levels.</div> AirTight Mechanical, Inc. http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/companies/view/airtight_mechanical_inc http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/companies/view/airtight_mechanical_inc 2014-07-24 00:00:00 company AirTight is a North Carolina based specialized contractor with an emphasis on Mission Critical HVAC systems as well as general Comfort Cooling &amp; Heating systems. Since 1999, the company has been serving the commercial, mission critical and industrial sectors of the mechanical world.&nbsp; AHT: Natural refrigerants for commercial freezers - Practical experience http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/knowledge/view/1665 http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/knowledge/view/1665 2014-07-24 00:00:00 paper Guillaume Grolier, General Manager at AHT Cooling Systems France, spoke about the company's quality management, environment management, safety &amp; health management and social accountability. He presented AHT's ice cream cabinets, bottle coolers and supermarket cases and chests with hydrocarbons, highlighting temperature performance and comparisons of energy consumption and TEWI. He concluded that natural refrigerant technologies are the future proof options and R290 is the best alternative refrigerant for ice cream cabinets, bottle coolers and commercial freezers. Mayekawa: Industrial refrigeration application and technology trends http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/knowledge/view/1664 http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/knowledge/view/1664 2014-07-24 00:00:00 paper An update on industrial refrigeration technology trends and on the impact of regulatory activities on the introduction of natural refrigerants was provided by Eric Delforge of Mayekawa. While ammonia has been historically the most used refrigerant in industrial applications, CO<sub>2</sub> is becoming more popular in negative temperature applications. Hydrocarbons and air are suitable for very low temperature applications. Some of the key technological trends include minimising refrigerant charge through cascade systems or innovative heat exchangers, increased efficiency by means of frequency control, advanced valve control systems or multi-stage systems as well as heat recuperation and improved safety features. Advansor: Supermarket refrigeration technologies and trends in Europe http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/knowledge/view/1663 http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/knowledge/view/1663 2014-07-24 00:00:00 paper Darren Lacroix, International Sales Director at Advansor, spoke about market trends for transcritical CO<sub>2</sub> systems across 16 countries. He focused on four specific trends: compliance with the EU F-gas Regulation, focus on energy cost, focus on first cost and more technology available, for example one system that can provide refrigeration, air conditioning and full heat recovery. shecco: Natural refrigerant trends in EU, Japan &amp; North America http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/knowledge/view/1662 http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/knowledge/view/1662 2014-07-24 00:00:00 paper Klara Skacanova, Senior Analyst at shecco, provided an overview of government actions on HFCs in different regions around the world, including Europe, North America, and Japan. She highlighted that the interest in natural refrigerant solutions is growing and that ambitious policy action drives innovation and leads to increased availability and production capacities of natural refrigerant technologies. FMI Connect http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/events/view/734 http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/events/view/734 2014-07-23 00:00:00 event FMI Connect: If It's Out There, It's In Here. FMI Connect is the new FMI show, redesigned to connect the industry and inspire the future of food retail like never before.<br /> <br /> This June in Chicago, FMI Connect will bring together 15,000 participants and 900 exhibitors from every channel of food retail to uncover solutions for the entire store and every aspect of the business. <br /> <br /> SRS and Frigadon demonstrate benefits of secondary refrigeration and hydrocarbons http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/news/view/5505 http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/news/view/5505 2014-07-22 11:04:12 article Use of hydrocarbons and secondary refrigeration offer dual benefit of lower emissions and energy saving, says Anglo-Swedish group<br /> <br /> Secondary refrigeration specialist the Frigadon Group has welcomed visitors to a three-day event, demonstrating the group&rsquo;s products to customers. The group embraces both Frigadon AB, Sweden and SRS Frigadon UK<br /> <br /> Bjorn Skattberg, md of Frigadon AB said: &ldquo;We had current and prospective customers from Sweden, Denmark, the UK, Greece, Germany, the Netherlands and the USA through the doors and have since received extremely positive feedback about the Frigadon open week and the equipment that we produce.&rdquo;<br /> Engas hydrocarbon refrigerants for residential, commercial and industrial applications http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/news/view/5503 http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/news/view/5503 2014-07-22 10:47:32 article Based in Australia, Engas offers a variety of hydrocarbon refrigerants designed to achieve higher efficiency and reduce energy consumption. The M10, M20, M30, M40, M50 and M60 are low to medium temperature refrigerants for domestic refrigerators, freezers, light commercial cabinets, air conditioning, cold rooms, industrial fluid chillers and more. Each Engas Hydrocarbon Refrigerant is blended or formulated to replace most of the synthetic refrigerants currently in use throughout the world today. INDUSTRY REACTIONS: to US EPA proposed approval of 4 HCs in 6 AC&amp;R applications http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/news/view/5498 http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/news/view/5498 2014-07-18 15:39:33 article Following the June 2014 US EPA proposal to approve hydrocarbon refrigerants in six additional refrigeration and air conditioning applications, hydrocarbons21.com has talked to leading industry equipment manufacturers to understand what this development could mean for hydrocarbon technologies in the US market. Exkal http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/companies/view/exkal http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/companies/view/exkal 2014-07-18 00:00:00 company Exkal is an independent company, with easily recognizable people, with a high will of improvement and development headquartered in Navarra, Spain with offices in Brussels, Spain, Mexico, Chile, France and China.<br /> <br /> Exkal offers a great range of refrigerated cabinets that contribute to Sustainability, designed and produced thinking on the optimum food conservation and exposition, focused on customer necessities, with innovative solutions and oriented to Low Cycle Cost.<br /> <ul> <li>First class cabinets, high energetic efficiency and reliable components that minimize breakdown risks.</li> <li>Produced with ecological materials, easily recoverable and recyclable.</li> <li>CO<sub>2</sub> cascade system installations.</li> </ul> <br type="_moz" /> interclima +elec 2015 http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/events/view/729 http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/events/view/729 2014-07-18 00:00:00 event &quot;interclima + elec&quot; is a comprehensive array of high performance solutions for saving energy in buildings. At &quot;interclima + elec&quot; installers, contractors, architects, engineers, distributors can take the opportunity to discover the most innovative solutions combining energy efficiency, use of renewables and comfort in the home and buildings. It is a platform to exchange, learn, and find concrete answers for projects. interclima + elec is staged in conjunction with &quot;id&eacute;obain&quot; (bathroom exhibition). <br /> Bangkok Rhvac 2015 http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/events/view/727 http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/events/view/727 2014-07-18 00:00:00 event Bangkok RHVAC is regarded as one of the top-five Refrigeration, Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning trade events of its kind in the world and the second largest in the Asia Pacific region and the undisputed leader in target-specific trade events in Southeast Asia. <br /> Febrava 2015 http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/events/view/726 http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/events/view/726 2014-07-18 00:00:00 event FEBRAVA is the sector&rsquo;s most important trade fair, and enjoys a high level of international recognition. It&rsquo;s a great place to swap experiences, analyse trends and above all to close major deals. The 18<sup>th</sup> edition of this trade fair will offer all the tools that you need to boost your sales. All the main players in the Brazilian and International HVAC&amp;R market will be there, on the lookout for partnerships that can generate excellent results. You can&rsquo;t miss this unique opportunity<br type="_moz" /> Saudi Energi 2015 http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/events/view/725 http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/events/view/725 2014-07-18 00:00:00 event Saudi Energi is one of the largest energy exhibitions in the region. Visit the show and discover the latest technologies in the power, alternative energy, lighting and water industries.<br type="_moz" /> 124th IARW-WFLO Convention &amp; Expo http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/events/view/724 http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/events/view/724 2014-07-18 00:00:00 event Join over 700 of the world&rsquo;s leading public refrigerated warehousing and logistics professionals for educational sessions, a world-class expo, and networking. The124th IARW-WFLO Convention &amp; Expo, will explore the relationship between profit and sustainability in today&rsquo;s temperature-controlled logistics industry. Learn ways in which you can implement changes that positively affect not only the environment, but your bottom line and the future of your company. Climatechno http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/events/view/723 http://www.hydrocarbons21.com/events/view/723 2014-07-18 00:00:00 event Climatechno is the biennial trade show for the HVACR sector. Products and services will be presented by some eighty leading companies active in various areas in the HVACR sector, spread over a floor area of 3,500 m<sup>2</sup>. There is an attractive range of exhibitors of interest to installers, consulting firms and industrial end customers.